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Kon Tum Dormitory | Vietnam

About Kon Tum Dorm


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Kon Tum, Kon Tum Province, Vietnam


  • Kon Tum is the capital of Kon Tum Province, which lies in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam and shares borders with Laos and Cambodia.

  • The economy is primarily agricultural.

  • Ethnic groups include the Vietnamese, Ba Na, Brau, Gie Triêng, Jarai, Ro Mam, and Xo Dang.

  • Kon Tum Dormitory is a school/orphanage located at the back of the Roman Catholic Wooden Cathedral.

Who we help - Kon Tum Dorm


what we do - Kon Tum Dorm

Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors and volunteers, we were able to provide 15 computers to Kon Tum Dormitory on May 17th, 18th and 19th 2019. Kon Tum Dormitory is run by the Roman Catholic Church, providing shelter, love, and schooling to 86 underprivileged high school youths who come from ethnic minorities and migrants in Kon Tum Province. These ethnic groups and families in the community receive little assistance from the government and society. Illiteracy rate is high with most people still live below the poverty line, and have very limited access to non-farming activities.

All 86 students have little access to computers and no knowledge on Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel, which are important skills to advance in school, life and in the workplace.


  • Supplied and installed 15 computers at the Community’s facility including:

    • Provided computer desks, chairs and a large chalkboard

    • Installed additional power outlets, 4 lights and 2 ceiling fans

    • Enhanced the interior of the computer lab with new painting and inspiring wall designs

  • Continue to collaborate with the Community to customize a computer program that fits with the local context and learning ability of the children

  • Computer programs will be taught by local teachers

Pictures and Video of Project Bright's 2 day event

Kontum Dorm (Pic & Video)

Our incredible team who had made it a successful project.

Before picture
Before picture
Before picture
how to get involved - Ko Tum Dorm
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